Close Quarters Battle

Close Quarter Battle Drills (CQB)

Schedule: Restarts Thursdays, May 6th, 2024
6 PM to 7:30 pm on Shepherd Range.
Contact is: Richard Delve
email: [email protected]
phone: (613) 876-0913

CQB practices and matches contribute to both rifle and pistol marksmanship and are conducted under military conditions. Basically, it is a military style of shooting drill while carrying all your ammunition and required equipment with you. The practices and matches are fired at short distances of from 40 yards to 10 yards using military style of semi-automatic carbine rifles (30 rounds) and pistols (10 rounds). Carbine/rifle loaded at 40 yd. mark, firing from standing at 30 yds, and firing while moving forward from 20 yds to 10 yds; and then transitioning to 10 rounds pistol after an RSO-cleared rifle.

Rifle ammunition is limited to the lighter 5.56 mm, 7.62 x 39 mm, .30 carbine and appropriate pistol caliber carbines. Pistol ammunition of any military caliber can be used.

Training and advice will be given so all shooting skill levels are welcome to try this challenging sport. All our CQB drills are carried out under the direct control of a qualified Range Safety Officer and assisted by several Line Safety Officers. Usual setup is shown below.

Any member who wishes to come out and participate and shoot the match in September, must attend at least 2 of the Thursday training sessions, and shoot a minimum of 3 relays.

Use of a sling at FRPC
  1. The purpose of a sling on our pistol ranges is to safely transition from an RSO cleared carbine to a pistol.
  2. All carbine and sling use on a pistol range must be under the direct control of a qualified Range Safety Officer.
  3. No movement or handling of an unpacked carbine on the range proper unless ordered by an RSO. The only exception is in the Safe Work Area.
  4. Single, double and three point slings can be used with the carbine muzzle pointed down.
    Upon arrival at the pistol range, carbines are to be unpacked in the Safe Work Area and cleared with the bolt locked back.
  5. Cleared carbines will be stored on a designated table or rifle rack until the shooter is called to the shooting line by the RSO.
  6. Slung carbines with the muzzle down can then be taken to the firing line.
  7. Upon completion of firing, cleared, slung carbines with the muzzle down are to be taken directly to the designated table or rifle rack and stored.

Not a member yet? Join us now!

The Frontenac Rifle and Pistol Club Board of Directors has determined that the Club can accept 60 new members per year, to cover our normal membership attrition and allow for a manageable increase in membership.

Groups of about 20 new members will be invited to attend one of our introductory sessions, spread out during the year, according to their position on the waiting list. Normal sessions will occur around April, July and October.

The waiting list will be computerized and will close automatically at 120 applicants and re-open when the number of applicants falls below a certain threshold.